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Pawn and Sell

Pawn and Sell


1) Be Prepared

– You need to be the owner of the vehicle or the owner must be available
– Submit all information required online or give us a call for assistance


2) Documents needed

– Owner’s ID Copy
– Original registration certificate of the vehicle
– If vehicle is in the company name, you need cipro docs, company resolutions, copy the proxy’s ID


3) Meet with us

– Bring in vehicle and all required documents to complete the transaction
– We go through the contracts and sign once your happy
– The car is stored in our safe and secure facility
– Immediate transfer is made to you


4) Sell your car

– While your car is pawned with us you can advertise it
– Arrange for your potential buyers to come see the car
– Once its sold, repay us the loan and keep the rest!


Get more money for your car instead of rushing the sale !


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