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Pawn Your Asset

Pawn your Asset


Good Fellows Pawn Brokers offer quick and easy cash loans for all assets that are movable.

Assets that we pawn include:



Unlock the value of your vehicle without having to sell it through a secured short term loan.


  • Your vehicle is fully paid up and your looking for a quick loan.
  • Fill in our online application or give us a call for a quick evaluation
  • we will make you an instant offer! The value of your vehicle determines the value of the loan.
  • Accept the process is easy with a transaction that can happen the same day!
  • Repay the loan and interest which is well under the National Credit Acts guideline
  • Come pick up your vehicle – easy as that!


None of the information you provide is shared with the credit bureaus, banks or any one else as we have a strict confidentiality policy.


Financed Cars

Is your vehicle financed but you find yourself needing a quick loan?


  • Fill out our online application or give us a call and we will walk you through the simple process.
  • We will make you an instant offer! The value of your vehicle determines the value of the loan.
  • Get all the necessary documents together & come through to see us
  • With all the correct information available we are able to customise your deals to best suit your needs for the quickest affordable solution you can find.




We accept all kinds of motorised bikes as security on a short term loans.


  • In need of a quick short term loan and have a bike that you own?
  • Let us assist you with our our easy process and fast response.
  • Fill in our online application or give us a call to start the process.
  • Financed bikes are welcome


With low competitive interest rates, we have the confidence in our ability to find a unique solution to help you through any tough spot quick, hassle free and as discreet as possible.




With the economy rising and dipping we understand that your companies cashflow can take its toll during growth spurts and slow moving months which is why we are here to help.


  • We accept any light commercial vehicles, horse and trailers.
  • Fill out our quick application or give us a call so we can help you with a loan big or small.
  • The asset value determines the value of the loan.
  • With customised deals we can negotiate our interest rate on bigger loans.



Heavy Duty Equipment

Do you need a cash injection to get your business to the next level or maybe its been a slow month and you need some cash to carry you through till your next pay out?


  • We accept all heavy duty machinery ranging from industries such as mining, agriculture and manufacturing.
  • Let us assist you with an asset based loan to get your business moving again.
  • Fill in the online application or give us a call to get the processes started.
  • With the required documentation and information on hand the process will be as quick as possible.



Apply for Instant Cash today with Good Fellows Pawn Brokers.

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